I’ve a difficulty how Mission Management selects pro-actively the targeted app/window on a monitor B when chosing the app in Monitor A.


  • For simplicity as an instance I’ve two displays, A and B.
  • Each have one desktop/workspace every
  • each have two app/home windows open (not full dimension)
    • Monitor A has a Chrome occasion and an IDE occasion
    • Monitor B aswell has a Chrome occasion and an IDE occasion

I’ve now

  • on A: IDE in foreground (Chrome behind that)
  • on B: IDE in foreground (Chrome behind that)

I need to

  • navigate to Chrome on B utilizing Mission management


  • open Mission Management (for exammple with mouse or Shortcut)
  • that brings the birds-eye view of all open apps/home windows
  • I click on Chrome on monitor B

The problem 💥

  • after I choose Chrome on B typically / sometimes Chrome additionally opens on A

This “typically” habits drives me nuts. At the very least, can I perceive this “typically” habits? Something to make it constant? I do not need to re-focus apps on A, after I choose on B.

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