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10 of the Greatest Programming Fonts — SitePoint

10 of the Greatest Programming Fonts — SitePoint


An excellent programming font is legible, enticing, and personalizes the editor you employ day-after-day. It must be good given the hours you spend at your display screen, however there are many fabulous programming fonts to select from…

Desk of Contents

It’s an accepted truth (😛) that builders spend longer tweaking their editor’s settings than writing code. The default programming font is usually the very first thing to vary. Once I first wrote this text again in 2009, I steered a set of free programming fonts that have been fashionable again then, however some have died out now, and bitmap choices are much less helpful on a 4K display screen.

There are not any onerous and quick guidelines, however most builders go for the next:

  • A monospaced font. In monospace programming fonts, every character makes use of the identical width, so columns line up as anticipated, which makes code simpler to learn.
  • A programming font with a transparent distinction between comparable symbols, akin to 0 (zero) and O (uppercase o); 1 (one), I (uppercase i) and l (lowercase L); bracket sorts, image positioning, letter spacing, and so forth.
  • An easier, sans-serif programming font that doesn’t have serif traces on the finish of strokes.
  • An open-source programming font, or one which’s free to obtain and use.

There are another concerns that you could be additionally need to take into account:

  • Narrower fonts, as they allow extra characters on display screen.
  • Variable fonts, which supply a higher vary of weights, types, and even variations of serif and sans-serif characters.
  • Ligatures, which mix two or extra symbols into one character, generally known as a glyph. For instance, a JavaScript arrow operate (=>) turns into a single character (). Personally, I feel ligatures are an abomination and trigger no finish of programming confusion, nevertheless it’s your selection!

Websites akin to programmingfonts.org can help you preview dozens of free programming fonts, and I used it for the pattern screenshots under. The photographs use the identical theme, dimension, and line peak, so they appear superficially comparable. They will look very completely different relying in your OS, display screen, editor, theme, and spacing — so be ready for some experimentation and tweaking.

The ten programming fonts featured under are amongst my favorites. They’re all free, so give them a attempt…

That is my present favourite. It’s the font I’m utilizing to kind this text. Eigil Nikolajsen developed it in 2023 utilizing Fira Code and JetBrains Mono as inspiration.

Commit Mono is obvious, straightforward to learn, and extremely configurable. You’ll be able to obtain variations based mostly on weight (I desire the lightest 300), ligatures, image spacing, kerning, alternate characters (akin to zero with a slash or dot), and extra. Even when it’s not for you, check out the Commit Mono web site: it’s uncommon and novel.

Commit Mono programming font

I used Meslo for nearly a decade earlier than shifting to Commit Mono. It’s a free replica of the Menlo font on macOS, so you should utilize it on any system. It’s clear, enticing, and readable.

Meslo programming font

The Mencsh font is comparable, nevertheless it renders zeros with a dot reasonably than a slash.

Not content material with creating the world’s hottest free editor, VS Code, Microsoft has additionally developed the open-source Cascadia Code font, which is the default in Home windows Terminal. It’s clear and appears nice at smaller sizes, however could be a little chunky above 10pt.

Cascadia Code programming font

Microsoft’s older Consolas font can be an ideal choice. It’s proprietary, however is on the market on Home windows and a fast search will find comparable choices on font foundry websites.

First developed by David Jonathan Ross in 2014, Enter was one of many first configurable programming fonts. It’s a bit of sq.-looking, and the bracket model received’t be to everybody’s style, however you possibly can obtain variations of width, weight, line peak, and letter type. Proportional serif and sans serif variations are additionally accessible to be used in phrase processors or web sites.

Input programming font

Hack was developed by Christopher Simpkins. It arrived shortly after Enter at a time when there was an explosion of recent, open-source programming fonts. It’s clear and appears nice in any editor.

Hack programming font

Mozilla developed Fira Mono in 2013 for his or her now out of date Firefox OS. Nikita Prokopov adopted up in 2014 with Fira Mono. It was one of many first to supply ligatures, so it has rather a lot to reply for!

Fira Mond

JetBrains Mono is a font particularly designed for coding from the producers of WebStorm. The elevated peak of lowercase characters makes for simpler studying. It’s additionally a bit of narrower than others, so you possibly can cram extra code in your display screen. Ligatures can be found in case you actually should use them.

JetBrains Mono programming font

That is the monospaced model of Roboto. It’s a Google font first launched for Android in 2011 and turn into fashionable for net pages. It is probably not thrilling, nevertheless it’s clear and simple to learn.

Roboto Mono programming font

Contemplating their design background, it took a while for Adobe to launch a programming font. Supply Code Professional arrived in 2012. It’s a bit of extensive however not as heavy as others.

Source Code Pro programming font

To not be overlooked of the programming font scene, Intel launched its One Mono monospaced font in 2023, and Intel claims One Mono is an “expressive monospaced font household constructed with readability and legibility”. It’s extensive and never everybody will just like the brackets or lowercase characters, however few of your fellow builders might be utilizing it.

Intel One Mono programming font

Bonus Programming Fonts 1: the Classics

A couple of programming fonts that I discussed in my 2009 model of this text have survived the check of time. Bitstream Vera Sans Mono was created by Jim Lyles in 2002. It stays a favourite amongst builders and influenced many programming fonts which adopted.

Bitstream Vera Sans Mono programming font

DejaVu Mono is comparable, as is Monaco — which was my private favourite all through the early 2000s.

Should you’re on Linux and need one thing that matches your OS font, take into account Ubuntu Mono. It appears clear even at small sizes.

Ubuntu Mono programming font

Proggy Vector is an alternative choice to the traditional ProggyClean bitmap font from 2004. It’s a bit of weighty, however some will desire that.

Proggy Vector programming font

Bonus Programming Fonts 2: Particular Instances

OpenDyslexic Mono is designed to work higher for these with widespread signs of dyslexia. The heavy-weighted character bottoms point out course. It might not work for everybody, however might encourage somebody to take up coding when they might have struggled in any other case.

OpenDyslexic Mono programming font

Lastly, Comedian Mono is the controversial choice if you wish to annoy those that detest Comedian Sans. It’s surprisingly good…

Comic Mono programming font

Bonus Programming Fonts 3: Get Your Pockets Out!

As I stated at first, the main focus of this text is free, open-source programming fonts that you could obtain and use with out breaking out your pockets. There are, after all, many extra fashionable programming fonts accessible in case you’re prepared to pay. Fairly a number of designers who create on-line tutorials and programs use a variety of fancy programming fonts which will have caught your eye of late. These coding fonts supply a bit extra model and “enjoyable”, if that’s your factor.

One instance is Operator Mono, utilized by the likes of Wes Bos.

A screenshot of the Operator Mono programming font

Different examples embrace Gintronic, Dank Mono, PragmataPro, and MonoLisa (pictured under).

A screenshot of the MonoLisa font

Until you’re creating programs or weblog posts to impress folks, it is likely to be overkill to pay for a programming font that you’ll largely solely see your self. But when it makes coding extra enjoyable, motivates you to maintain going, and you’ll afford it, a industrial monospaced font like this is likely to be value attempting.

Programming Font FAQs

Let’s end by addressing some often requested questions on programming fonts.

What’s a programming font?

A programming font is a typeface particularly designed for coding and textual content enhancing. These fonts are optimized for legibility and readability when working with code, which regularly entails lengthy hours of watching a display screen.

Why are programming fonts essential?

Programming fonts are essential as a result of they’ll improve your coding expertise by making code simpler to learn and lowering eye pressure. They usually have distinct characters, clear differentiation between comparable characters, and are optimized for fixed-width formatting utilized in code editors.

What makes a superb programming font?

An excellent programming font ought to have clear and simply distinguishable characters, uniform character widths (monospaced), help for varied programming languages and symbols, and good readability at completely different font sizes.

Are programming fonts free?

Many programming fonts are open supply and accessible at no cost, however there are additionally industrial choices. Some fashionable free programming fonts embrace Fira Code, Hack, and DejaVu Sans Mono.

What are ligatures in programming fonts?

Ligatures are particular character combos in programming fonts that mix two or extra characters right into a single, visually distinct image. For instance, in some programming fonts, != is represented as a single image. Ligatures could make code extra aesthetically pleasing and simpler to learn.

What are some fashionable programming fonts?

Some fashionable programming fonts embrace:

  • Fira Code
  • Hack
  • Consolas
  • Inconsolata
  • Monaco
  • JetBrains Mono
  • Supply Code Professional
  • DejaVu Sans Mono
  • Menlo

How do I set up and use a programming font?

The method of putting in and utilizing a programming font is determined by your working system and code editor. Usually, you possibly can obtain the font file, set up it in your system, after which configure your code editor to make use of the font.

Can I exploit programming fonts in net improvement?

Sure, you should utilize programming fonts in net improvement. You’ll be able to specify the font you need to use in your CSS stylesheets or inline types for net parts.

Are there any really useful font dimension and line peak settings for programming fonts?

The perfect font dimension and line peak can fluctuate relying in your private desire and display screen decision. It’s greatest to experiment and discover settings which can be snug for you. Nonetheless, a standard guideline is to make use of a font dimension between 12 and 16 pixels with a line peak of 1.2 to 1.5 occasions the font dimension.

Can I create my very own programming font?

Sure, you possibly can create your individual programming font you probably have the mandatory design expertise and software program. There are additionally instruments and guides accessible for font creation. Customized fonts may be tailor-made to your particular preferences and wishes.

Keep in mind that selecting a programming font is a matter of private desire, and what works greatest for one programmer might not work as effectively for an additional. It’s essential to discover a font that fits your coding model and makes your work extra environment friendly and satisfying.

Wrap Up

Normally, code is best written in a monospaced font, and code editors provide you with quite a lot of selection in what font you employ in your programming work.

The free programming fonts talked about above will all serve you effectively, however there are tons extra to discover in case you’re nonetheless searching for one thing completely different. For extra free choices, head over to programmingfonts.org and spend a number of days experimenting!


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